Office uniforms and nursing uniforms – Fashion and clothing 2021

Office uniforms
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It uses different types of uniforms and work clothes for its personnel

Below we mention the types of clothes used in a hospital. Join us

Sick clothes
Personnel uniforms
Operating room clothes
Clothing service
Medical clothing
Pregnancy Clothes
Sheet cloth
Disposable appliances
Sick clothes:
Tetron and Tergal fabrics are usually used for the patient’s clothes, blue for the male patients and pink for the female patients.

Patient clothes are also divided into several categories, such as baby clothes and baby clothes, as well as maternity clothes, each of which has its own form and fabric.

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Personnel uniform:
Basically, units such as the admission and administrative unit of a hospital use uniforms for female staff, office uniforms for men, and shirts and pants for male staff.

Office uniforms and nursing uniforms - Fashion and clothing 2021
Office uniforms and nursing uniforms – Fashion and clothing 2021

Medical gown – hospital gown
Operating room clothes:
Hospital fabrics, which are mainly green and blue, use cotton and are the most important

The characteristics of hospital fabrics are their ability to be sterilized many times.

Surgeons in green and blue can enhance their vision of red objects such as bloody viscera.

As a result, they should have a high concentration and in general, the color and model of sterile and non-sterile clothes should be different.

Clothing service:
The fabric should be resistant to detergents for disinfectants, which is usually a quality

The dyeing of the fabric is called waterproof javelin or waterproof javelin, which means that the color of the fabric is stable.

Medical clothing:
Medical gowns are usually one-piece like a gown or two-piece like a gown and pants made of polyester or cotton.

In terms of material, it should be durable and comfortable and easy to iron.

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Medical clothing – hospital gown
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Pregnancy Clothes:
Material of maternity clothes is the same as the patient’s clothes from Tetron or Tergal, of course, according to the patient’s condition and also comfort

The medical staff is a little freer to treat the sewing and cutting of this dress, especially in the collar, sleeves and waist loops.

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